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DES has been identified by the NYS Education Department as needing to develop a Local Assistance Plan. Click this link to read the Self-Review and Report for DES. This document has the action items that DES will be implementing.

The Board of Regents amended the requirements for the provision of Academic Intervention Services (AIS). Click this link to read a letter explaining how Academic Intervention Services are provided in Dryden Schools.

Calendar Change

On February 27th the Board of Education approved a change to the 2016-2017 school calendar:

Please note: 

School will be in session for a half-day for all students on Friday, April 14, 2017.  April 14th will be a regular work day for all staff.



At some point this Spring, Dryden Elementary School will test its protocols for a Lockdown by conducting a Lockdown Drill.  For Lockdown Drills, DES partners with local agencies such as the Dryden Village Police Department, the Dryden Fire Department, the Sheriff's Office and the New York State Police.  These local agencies offer us valuable support and feedback before, during, and after our drills that help us to maintain a high level of safety for the students and staff.  The Lockdown Drill also allows us to test our School Messenger communication system.  The School Messenger system is what is currently used to notify you of school delays and closings.  In the event of a true emergency, the system would also be used to communicate the nature of an emergency and its current status.  On the day the Lockdown Drill is conducted, you will receive a School Messenger communication announcing that a Lockdown Drill has been held.  We understand that Lockdown Drills can produce some questions and anxiety from students and the staff does an amazing job of addressing these concerns.  Please do not hesitate to contact the office or your child's teacher if you have any questions about the upcoming Lockdown Drill.



Every school year, each First and Fourth Grade classes from Cassavant, Dryden, and Freeville Elementary Schools are able to experience starry nights through a portable planetarium that is brought to the District by BOCES and set-up in the upstairs gym at Dryden Elementary School.  First and Fourth Grade students study astronomy as part of their Science Curriculum.  Students are able to observe key constellations in a clear night sky in school during daylight in relatively comfortable temperatures as opposed to trying to observe constellations in the overcast, cold weather of February.  The planetarium experience is one of the many benefits that a school district receives when it partners with BOCES to provide Science Kits on key topics related to that grade level's Science curriculum.  The planetarium is an educational tradition that we look forward to each year.



Students at Dryden Elementary, Cassavant Elementary & Freeville Elementary participated in a “Dryden Students Have Heart” food drive for the Dryden Kitchen Cupboard that ended with a special assembly on February 17th.  Students collected 1,269 cans of food.  This food drive was a way for students and staff to show their love and compassion to our community through a generous act of service.  It was a very happy, proud day for the students!



The New York State ELA exams will be held for Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders starting promptly at 9:20 A.M. on March 28, 29, 30, 2017.  The New York State Math exam will be held for Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders starting promptly at 9:20 A.M. on May 2, 3, 4, 2017 The 4th Gr. New York State Science Performance Test will be held between May 24th—June 2nd.  Each classroom will rotate through the room set-up for the Science performance test.  Your child’s teacher will inform you of the date(s) your child will be doing the test so you can plan accordingly.  New York State testing regulations require us to take testing security very seriously.  We ask that you please have your child here on time on testing day.


In addition to having your child here on time on testing day, we ask that you refrain from scheduling any appointments for your child on testing days that would require them to leave school early or come late.  It would help your child to get a good’s night sleep before each testing day, as well as, have a good breakfast at home or eat breakfast at school before going into the testing environment.



During the month of March, DES like many elementary schools throughout the country, celebrate Dr. Seuss.  Theodor Seuss Geisel, who was born on March 2, 1904, is an American author who wrote many children's classics such as Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat.  Many people know these great works by Dr. Seuss, but Dr. Seuss worked in advertising as an illustrator and was also a political cartoonist.  Before he was an award winning author, Dr. Seuss won an Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 1947.  During World War II, Dr. Seuss then known as Army Captain Theodor S. Geisel created comics about a mosquito named "Ann" who infected soldiers with malaria.  The comic's purpose was to keep soldiers from contracting this deadly disease.  This work helped to save many lives.   For these and many more reasons, we stop to celebrate this icon's birthday.  The celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday often leads to a broader celebration of reading. DES will host a Dr. Seuss Night on Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 6:30 PM.




Please remember there is NO PARKING in the Fire Lane at anytime.  There is also NO PARKING or DROP OFFS in the Union Street bus circle between 8-9am and 2:30-3:30pm. 


If you are dropping off your child off please use the James Street Circle or park in the parking lot on Union Street.


Dryden Police have been monitoring this and they will start issuing tickets to those people not following the parking regulations.



Reading to toddlers each and every day is very helpful in preparing them for school in so many ways. Here are some reasons to read to toddlers...

Studies show that kids with active exposure to language have social and educational advantages over their peers — and reading is one of the best exposures to language.

Reading to toddlers sets the foundation for later independent reading. Reading problems can be challenging to fix when discovered in elementary school, but most reading problems can be prevented if exposure to reading starts in the toddler and preschool years. Before children can read independently, they need emergent literacy skills. These include:

· having a large vocabulary of words and knowing how to use them

· understanding that words are made up of smaller sounds (called phonemic awareness)

· understanding that marks on a page represent letters and words

· knowing the letters of the alphabet

· You don't need games, flashcards, or special instruction for a toddler to gain these skills. Just reading to your child as often as possible is the best way to help him or her learn to read independently.

· Found at: http://kidshealth.org/en/parents/reading-toddler.html



The kindergartners have been studying Native Americans.  To conclude our study the children were able to see what real Native American tools were like and feel animal fur and hide.  We had an amazing visit from local Taxidermist Richard Burke.  He brought many Native American like tools and animal fur and hide for the children to examine and touch.  The children enjoyed this event immensely. We give a special Thank You to the DYOF and Richard Burke. 



In first grade, we are learning about Astronomy.  Our study has focused on the center of our solar system, our sun, the rotation of our Earth and the Earth's revolution around the sun, constellations and all of the planets.  We also visited the Planetarium to further our study of these concepts.  Our future astronomers have really enjoyed this unit!



February has been a hard working month in second grade. In math we wrapped up our 4th Module on adding and subtracting within 200 and began Module 5-adding and subtracting within 1,000. Students learned a variety of strategies to use when solving their equations such as: the vertical algorithm, using a place value chart with chips, breaking out a 10 for easier adding/subtracting, using the arrow way and a number line. Students were introduced to all of these strategies with emphasis on the vertical algorithm and place value charts. If your child is struggling to remember how to solve a specific problem, refer to the Parent Newsletter that was sent home on the purple paper at the beginning of the new module. If you cannot locate it, please request a new one from your child’s teacher. In Skills, students have continued to work on their long and short vowel spellings to wrap up Unit 3 and moved into r-controlled vowels (or ‘bossy r’) to start Unit 4. The students are doing well in identifying nouns and verbs in given sentences as well as identifying which words are singular and which as plural. This will continue through Unit 4 for the next few weeks as well. We wrapped up Domain 4 in Listen & Learn where students learned a multitude of facts and information around the War of 1812. Students were excited to hear the lessons each day and share their knowledge whenever they had the chance. In Domain 5: Cycles in Nature, students have learned about the cycles of day/night, the four seasons, life cycles of plants, trees, chickens, frogs, butterflies, and the water cycle. Be sure to ask them what they are hearing so they can show off what they know! Freeville and Cassavant schools joined Dryden Elementary for our Annual Dryden Has Heart assembly on Friday February 17th where the grand total of donated food for the Dryden Kitchen Cupboard was revealed. Thank you to all who sent in donations for this cause!



In the month of March, students in 5th grade will be finishing the last unit on rainforests in ELA class. Students will apply what they’ve learned about how scientists take notes and communicate their research with the world, and deepen their own knowledge of the rainforest by researching an insect and communicating their findings through a field journal. The field journals will allow for students to blend both informative and narrative writing by incorporating specific facts about their insect while including a narrative containing sensory details to enhance their writing.  Finally, they will provide a detailed picture of their insect with labels and text boxes.

In Math, students will continue deepening their understanding of fractions and how to find “like units” to help solve math problems. 5th graders are also encouraged to practice their basic math facts daily to build fluency.

In integrated Studies we are learning all about Chemistry! Students first learn what matter is, the different phases of matter (solid, liquid, gas), and what is needed for states of matter to change. Then, we learn about the periodic table; how it shows all elements in the universe and organizes the elements by chemical properties. Students will finally apply what they’ve learned by conducting various experiments with their peers.



Second Grade students across the district are learning in library how to ask a good question.  Students did an activity with pictures – choosing the one that was most interesting to them-and asked a good question about it.  These questions will help lead the students into their research projects.  Some questions students have asked are –

· I wonder why are these all different colors?

· I wonder if those eggs belong to her?

· I wonder how that light got in there?

· I wonder why the flowers are growing in the cactus?



The month of March is a busy and exciting time in the DES band room.  The Cub Band began rehearsing as an ensemble for the first time last month and experienced the thrill of making music as a team.  Playing together with all of the instruments is always challenging and exhilarating.  One student left the band room after the first rehearsal saying, "That was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again next week!"


The Lion Band is looking forward to their music collaboration with both the high school band and 6th grade band this month.  On March 15th all three band will join each other on the district stage for the closing piece, "Bandorama."  This annual event helps to showcase some of the opportunities available to band musicians as they continue to progress through the grades.  It also allows the older students to act as mentors and gives the younger musicians something to aspire to.  Please join us at the district auditorium at 7pm on March 15th for this musical event.



Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!


Did you know that this is the 20th anniversary of Read Across America, which is celebrated on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, March 2nd?!  In honor of this, celebrate with your child by:

Read your favorite Dr. Seuss book

Go to the library

Buy a new book

Read aloud to your child

Order a magazine subscription for your child

Ask your child to read to the pets

Turn the tv off or turn the closed captions on

Make your own book together

Read some recipes and make cookies



The art room has been busy since the winter holidays with the children completing an artwork for the Square One Art fundraiser. The PTA organizes this project every year, with some of the proceeds being used to support enriching programs for our school community. The highlight of this project is that the children’s artwork can be printed on a variety of objects, anything from aprons to sketchbook covers. The order forms will be arriving home in a few weeks for you to view and make selections. Every child will also receive a sheet of complimentary (free!) stickers featuring their own artwork, just for being a part of the project!

Kindergarten students were able to show their school pride through the making of an artwork featuring our school mascot, the purple Dryden lion! They used a variety of skills, including: printmaking, cutting, folding, glue stick usage, and drawing shapes with oil pastels. The first, second and third grade students that have art with Ms. Keeler were involved in an indepth self-portrait study. They made multiple drafts, engaged in a critique with classmates, and monitored the quality of their self-talk and practiced being observant in their work. The children were able to appreciate their own progress through this thoughtful, engaging process.



Third graders recently practiced the art of marbling, a process in which paint or ink is dropped over size (thickened water) and swirled into patterns, before being printed onto paper or fabric. We found that marbling requires reflection, and creating a balance between controlling the paint and allowing the paint to move on its own. It was important to use observation skills and notice what the paint was doing to respond accordingly. After experimenting with various color schemes, third graders transformed their marbled papers into artworks for our PTA’s Square 1 Art fundraiser.



At the beginning of the year, the Speech Department introduced the new Language Acquisition Specialist who is working with all students in the UPK and kindergarten classrooms this year. What kinds of activities have been added to the classrooms with the presence of a speech pathologist?


The children are joining the speech teacher in a small group lunch in rotation, where they listen to a book related to the curriculum and talk about it, practice conversation skills, and talk about a work of art, using an art and language program called Visual Thinking Strategies.


Sometimes there is time to play a game- language-related, of course! The children sit together at a tablecloth-covered table and try to practice their best table manners. They seem to love having lunch together in the small group and clamor for their turn.


They have increased opportunities to act out stories, sometimes from books related to the curriculum or those that are told, working to develop pictures in their head. These are foundational skills for writing their own stories as well as developing literacy skills. In some classrooms, we are playing language games or working on reviewing or using new vocabulary during center time. Sometimes pretend activities fit in neatly, such as pretending to be vendors or customers at a farmers market during the farm unit. All the kindergartners made their own ice cream as part of the farm unit, experiences also aid language growth.


In other classrooms we are working on sequencing, learning about the elements of a story, storytelling, creating storyboards and puppet plays. If your child comes home with an illustrated story in kid language (uncorrected) that is their proud creation as part of this work. Children love having an audience for their stories; there is evidence that this fun and creative activity leads to significant language growth.



All absences need a written excuse sent in with your student on the day they return to school. 

A written note or email to the teacher as well as to the attendance office need to be supplied if you are picking up your child for any appointments or dismissal changes.  The email address is





Many families use the James Street Circle to drop off and pick up their children.  We know that when families are dropping off children in the morning that they are anxious to get to work and we know that in the afternoon when picking children up families are trying to keep a schedule in order to get to appointments or activities.  However, we ask that parents please exercise extreme caution when moving through the James Street Circle.  We ask that parents please be mindful of their surroundings and their speed as they pull into and out of the circle.  We are working with children on how to move safely to and from their vehicle, and we are asking parents to have similar discussions with their children as well.  We appreciate everyone’s support in keeping all children safe as the come to and from school.



Remember to watch your speed for the entirety of Pleasant, James, Montgomery, and Union Streets.  Speed Limit is not to exceed 15 miles per hour in these areas. 



School Messenger

The Dryden Central School District uses SchoolMessenger as our emergency notification system. The contact information in SchoolMessenger is pulled from our student information system, schooltool. Therefore, if you would like changes made to your SchoolMessenger contact information please contact the following people:

Michele Wendel at the Elementary School
Deb Perine at Cassavant
Tami Natale at Freeville
Patty Helms at the Middle School
Attendance Clerk at the High School

Bus Pass Guidelines

If it becomes necessary for your child to be transported to a different location after school, please send in a note with the name and address of the drop off location, date, child's full name, teacher's name and include parent/guardian signature. Bus passes are issued for daycare purposes only. We do not accept bus changes over the telephone. If you need to change your child's drop off location during the day, please stop in the main office with a written note, send an email to Kati Coon or fax Kati Coon at (607) 844-9449.

Bus Advisory Procedure

Due to extreme inclement weather, the Superintendent of the Dryden Central School District may declare a “Bus Advisory”.  The notification of a bus advisory will be transmitted to parents and students in the same format as emergency closing/delay announcements via TV and Radio announcements, as well as posting on the Dryden Central School District Web Site.
During a bus advisory, school bus drivers will not expect students to be waiting at the pick-up point upon arrival.  Students that normally walk to a school will be offered busing to their schoolThe bus assigned to a pick-up point will make a complete stop at the designated location.  If visibility permits, it is expected that students will exit their residence in time to meet the bus.  There will be a full and complete expectation that students picked-up at a stop will promptly exit their residence to demonstrate a presence and that the distance to the bus will be covered as quickly as it can be safely accomplished.
It should be expected that the bus, as it progresses through its scheduled route, would start arriving later than usual.  This may, near the end of the route become upwards to 10 minutes.  To maintain a basic schedule during a bus advisory, it will not be possible for bus drivers to wait for extended periods of time for students to walk up to .5 miles or for door-to-door pick-up.  Therefore, if the designated pick-up point is not at a residence but at a point separated from a residence, (at an intersection for example), it is our sincere hope that some type of protective measures will be taken by the parents/students to insure the safety and welfare of the students. 

School Hours

9:00 AM - 3:22 PM

Student arrival time is no earlier than 8:40 AM

Students arriving after 9:00 AM will be considered late and must sign in at the main office.

Entrance Procedure

Visitors to Dryden Elementary have an extra security step to follow before entering the building.  As you approach the main entrance, you will notice a “doorbell” mounted on the brick wall to your right.  You will need to push the button to alert staff to your presence.  Staff can observe visitors with a small video camera and also speak to visitors outside via an audio system. You will then be “buzzed” in and follow our normal procedures for signing in and picking up a visitor badge.

Please Sign In

For the safety of our children, all visitors to the school building must sign in at the main office and get a visitors badge. If you have an appointment with a teacher, if you are volunteering in a classroom, or if you need to be in school for any other reason, please report to the main office upon your arrival.
Please bring identification.

Student Pick-ups & Drop-off

All routine drop offs and pick ups must take place at the "old" entrance on James Street. Staff will be available in the school to assist young students in getting to their classrooms. No vehicles will be allowed in the Union Street bus circle from 8:00 am - 9:00 am and 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm. Violators may be ticketed. This procedure was developed for safety reasons. Parents must park in the parking lot at the end of Union Street. No vehicles will be allowed in the Union Street bus circle from 8:00 am - 9:00 am and 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm. Then, come to the main office and sign out your child. Wait in the lobby for your child to come to you. **Teachers will dismiss walkers from school. Please call the school office if you have any questions.

Books for Birthdays

Each day we celebrate students' birthdays by announcing their birthday on the morning announcements and having them come to the office where the Principal lets them pick a new book from our "Books For Birthdays" box and signs the book. Thank you to the Dryden Elementary PTA for donating all of the books.