Computer Lab

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Stories Online

Technology Lab Rules

1. No Food or Drinks in the lab by the computers.

2. Please do not touch the Screen on the Monitors

3. Please leave your computer area as it was when you came in NEAT and CLEAN!

4. Please do not add or remove any icon on the desktop with out permission from Mrs. Bakos. (no shortcuts to pages on the internet, no saved documents.) Also please don’t remove anything from the desktop either.

5. Please do not change or rearrange icon on the desk top.

6. Please do not change the desk top resolution.

7. Please do not change the desktop color or display images.

Please remember that this is not your home computer all the classes in the Elementary building use these computers and they are displayed and set up to benefit all the classes. So if you keep the computer the way it was when you came in it will be perfect for the next class entering.

Please try and ask for help when something is not working. Please do not try and fix the computer on your own. I will help you. It is easier for me to fix the initial problem then to try and figure out what happen when you tried to fix it! :o)

Thank you all very much and I hope that this is the beginning of the best year yet in the Dryden Elementary School Technology Lab!!!!