Principal's Message

School breaks are a good time to reconnect. We often get so caught up in everyday responsibilities, we just do not have the time or  energy to make those special moments with our kids as often as we would like. School vacations can often create those opportunities. It is not money that is required as much as their caregivers’ individual attention doing some shared activity. Reading a book, going for a hike, going to the library, sliding (if there is enough snow). Have fun together! It’s not the activity as much as it is your attention.


The pace most of us live today makes truly attentive interactions rare; we are constantly multi-tasking. Our kids often end up with divided attention. We have all felt, at one time or another, when someone we care about gives us their full, undivided attention.  Really looks at us, listens to us and it is obvious that they love being with us. There is nothing that beats that feeling of belonging and being loved. Those are the moments that build a child’s’ self-worth. “I matter to someone.” It is a basic need of every human being. School vacations are opportunities to slow down a little and do some things together that we do not usually get to do with our kids.  Vacations are times that can allow us to ‘single-task’ occasionally and send the definite message to our children, “You are valued.’; “You are loved.”


Posted by: Kati Coon Published:12/22/17
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